Lets Zumba

Hello! I'm Maggie also known as "Zumba Maggie".

About Me

I am a qualified fitness instructor, specialising in Zumba fitness. I have been teaching Zumba in North West London since 2011.


Zumba is a fitness class that allows you to work out to the sounds of fabulous music. The class lasts an hour and you work out at a level that suits you.

Zumba is exercise in disguise and is ideal for those people who love music, love to dance and just want to get fitter.

Whether it is your first time doing Zumba or you are an absolute addict, you can work out comfortably side by side. It isn’t a competition and everyone works out at a pace suitable to them. 

"My job as an instructor is to direct you through the moves, making you feel as comfortable as possible, whilst getting the best out of you. My aim is to make sure you get a great workout whilst having some fun doing it."

For people who want to participate in Zumba but at a lower intensity should try out my Zumba Gold classes.

Don't worry if you feel you don’t have good coordination... My job is to direct you.

Be assured - You will be in safe hands!

The Classes

Classes operate on a pay as you go system. Check out my class timetable for a class near you.

Wear light clothing, comfortable trainers and bring some water.


Come join the party... Let's ZUMBA!...


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